Thoughts on Easter 2017

Jesus Christ Lives! He has risen, and we are grateful. He saved us from our very sins. This Easter I think about all the things Jesus has done for us, what He went through for us. The pain and humiliation, the unjust trial they put Him through. The love He showed us as He walked among us, and all we did for Him was to want food from Him, to heal us, to be a king, not a savoir. We called Him a liar; we even wanted to stone Him.

We ran Him out of towns and villages. His disciples denied they knew Him. We chose Barbarous the criminal over the innocent, sinless Jesus to crucify. And yet He forgave us all, despite how we treated Him and so much more.

I think of all that and see from His actions He really loves us. He came to us from His Father, to Mary His mother and then to us our savior. He traveled from Bethlehem, to Egypt, to Nazareth, to Capernaum and then to Galilee. He was a Rabbi, a prophet, and a homeless stranger in the world.

He gained Victory over the flesh at Gethsemane, Victory over the world at Gabbatha, Victory over Satan at Golgotha, and Victory over death with His Glory. This last victory brought Him back from where He came.

And without Him we would be doomed to hell. Thank the Father for giving us His only begotten Son. We are saved through Him and His precious blood.



All Glory to God

His humble servant Lee M Buchanan