My name is Lee M. Buchanan and I’d like to welcome you to The Good Word, a blog focused on the study of and the teachings from the Bible. I use the King James Version of the Bible because it is the only true pure Word of God. I will be writing on praising and worshiping God as well as the topics of faith, being a born again Christian and the problems facing born again Christians in today’s world.

I am a born again Christian and minister to people online.
I am a humble servant of the Lord. I am one of the Lords prophets and serve Him as he leads me to minister to all who need help in faith, and to save those not yet born again in Jesus Christ.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Barbara for 24 years. Our blended family includes three sons, a daughter and four grandchildren. I have worked at many jobs in my life. I’m an artist (watercolor) and a photographer of nature and old buildings.
I also love animals and have always had dogs and cats my whole life. I have one cat, Ginger. I lost three cats last year to old age. It was a tough year for me.

I am a hard-working man that tries to do what the Lord tells me to do. I don’t always succeed, but the Lord always brings me back in line in the end, thank God.
I take my faith very seriously and love God more then anything else in my life. As a prophet the Lord calls me to do His work, helping to get His words to us, His children, and ministering to those the Lord sends my way. I hope you will find the posts I will put up helpful, as they are all words or lessons from the Bible or the Lord. I use the King James Version Bible in my faith, as it is the only pure Word of God we have.

God bless you
All Glory to God