The True Word of God

Let me tell you how I came to get involved in this topic. I was working on some Bible studies on the Word of God in the Bible. God led me to see the differences in various Bible versions and told me to look into why and what the differences are, so I did as God said.

The KJV (King James Version) Bible that I use was different then the NIV, NRSV, CEB, NET and several others. I was surprised, actually shocked, as I read verses from my Bible and then compared the same verse in other Bible versions. The Holy Spirit had showed me what God wanted me to know. Now he wanted me to learn and understand, so I might help in the fight to defend and protect His Word. I began searching online for information, and much of what I found seemed unreliable, or even ridiculous.

The truth and history of the King James Version of the Bible and why you need to make it the only Bible you read and use has been under attack for a long time. As I read through the information the Lord has shown me it’s apparent that men of God have been protecting the KJV of the Bible from Satan and his followers as long as the Bible has been in existence.

As I researched this, I came across the work of Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.   Dr. Gipp is a preacher, evangelist, author and an expert on the authenticity of the King James Version of the Bible. My wife and I are reading “Gipps Understandable History of the Bible”, a well-written, highly informative and hefty (557 pages) book. If you want an in-depth study of the history of our Bible, you’ll want to read Dr. Gipp’s book.

Visit his website at You’ll find links on the site to every chapter in the prior edition of the book, as well as a vast amount of great Biblical resources. Dr. Gipp’s “Answer Book” is also on his site with 62 questions and answers that are frequently asked about the King James Bible.

When I first embarked on this research, I thought I would write a summary to share with my blog readers. I quickly realized that the information in Dr. Gipp’s book is so well presented that a summary would not do justice to the topic, and copying from the book would be unethical, not to mention a blatant copyright violation! Thus, I encourage you to start by visiting his website, where you can absorb the information in small portions, and at your own pace. I am blessed to share the results of what God directed me to do.