Isaiah the prophet

Isaiah was a prophet of the Lord in the eighth century. Isaiah stands at the peak of the Old Testament as the literary genius of the prophets. Isaiah, son of Amoz, was one of the most prominent citizens of Jerusalem, having access to both the royal and priestly leaders of the nation of Judah.

Isaiah lived a long life spanning the rule of several kings. Isaiah was called to prophetic in the year king Uzziah died (740 B.C.). Isaiah saw life in Judah in a time of prosperity and military strength.

As a prophet of the Lord, Isaiah spent much of his life prophesizing for the Lord. Isaiah first accused God’s people of sin, rebelling against the One who made them and redeemed them. Second, Isaiah instructed these sinners to reform their ways and act obediently. Third, Isaiah announced God’s judgment on the people because of their sin.

God used Isaiah to reveal God’s future restoration of the people, or at least of the faithful remnant that survived all the judgments. As part of the restoration of God’s people, Isaiah foresaw both judgment on the nations and a future turning of the nations back to God.

God uses His prophets to tell or announce information, to give knowledge, or sometimes for judgments to people here on earth. The test of a true prophet of God is in his words from God. For only a true prophet hears from God, and God is always right, and true in His words!

Isaiah’s words to the people were always true and accurate and therefore we know they were from God. God used Isaiah for something truly amazing in Isaiah 7:14:

“Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel.”

The Lord used Isaiah here to foretell the coming of our Lord more then 740 years before He came to us! I like to think this prophecy to be one of the most important prophesies in the Bible. Without Immanuel we would have no salvation! Think about this one verse in the book of Isaiah as you celebrate Christmas this year. Immanuel is God’s name meaning “God with us”.

Have a great Christmas this year and a great new year next year as we celebrate and worship our Lord always.

All glory to God

His humble servant Lee M Buchanan