Gods two-step plan to know Him better

There are two things needed in your life to know God better. Having a better relationship with God makes for a more intimate relationship with God.

Step One is reading the Bible, when you open your Bible and read you are reading His thoughts and knowledge. The Bible is His living Word.

Step Two, putting the Word of God inside of your head. By reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit, who understands what the Word of God means, passes this knowledge on to you. This allows you to understand what God is saying, which leads to a more intimate relationship with God.

Without the Holy Spirit within you, reading the Bible will not make much sense to you. Or worse, all you gain is man’s wisdom, which is not of God and therefore false and leads to a sinful life.

Misinterpreting the Bible leads you down the wrong path. This path can lead to your ultimate destruction. Reading any Bible other then the King James Bible can lead you down the same path. Look at my article on this subject.

All glory to God

His humble servant Lee M Buchanan