Highway to Heaven

In a dangerous and parched land the Lord will give us a beautiful highway to walk on. It will be a way for His chosen to get safely to Zion and to God Himself. This highway will only be for His chosen, the holy to walk on, for the unholy will be forbidden. All wild ravenous beast will not be found there. This highway is so straight and wide even a foolish traveler would find his way to Heaven on this highway. What is the name of this highway you ask? I’ll show you.

Isaiah 35:7-9

“7 And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.

8 And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.

9 No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there:”

This is interesting to read; I would suggest you read all of Isaiah 35 to understand the whole picture of what the Lord is telling us here.

I hope to see you all on the highway as we all go home someday!  

All glory to God

His humble servant Lee M Buchanan